A Woman's perfect day takes a turn for the worst. When a disaster hits her city. Will she be able to survive what comes next and find her husband? 

Written and Directed by Demetrius Witherspoon

Behind the scenes of "RAIN"

           "Giving back to the community"

DV Entertainment Pictures has finish shooting the Music Video "Rain" performed by Shonna Bedford. And it is in post production now. 50 extra's, 20 people on the Crew, Fire Department, rain and snow! Priceless! We would like to thank each and every one of them involved, for coming and supporting this Production. Shonna Bedford and Blaise Nally chemistry is Amazing in this video and her music is right on time for what is happening around the world. 

DV Entertainment Pictures is proud to bring Shonna's breathtaking song "RAIN" to visualization. This video is heart moving. Check out her song on Amazon, iTune, and her website below.