Limited Edition Trading Cards

There are 10 cards in each set. Only 5pks in stock. Award-Winning Writer/Director Demetrius Witherspoon will sign all the cards. Get them before they are gone! 

Did you get your Limited Edition Submerge: Ni're Reborn Trading Cards of Katie O'Brian as "E'lan"? She has been in the "Walking Dead" and now is on season 5 of the SYFY Channels "Z Nation". There are only 5 sets left,10 in each pack. And it gets better, you will also get Bishop Stevens as "Lord Raz" trading card in the pack. He has appeared in "Empire" and is in the upcoming movie "SLICE" starring Chance the Rapper. Get them before they are gone! I will sign them! Get Submerged!
: Ni're Reborn Limited Edition Trading Cards

$10 & Free Shipping